“Realize that everything connects to everything else”
- Leonardo DaVinci

We are connected by an invisible web of life that goes beyond anyone’s comprehension. Release old imprints of separateness and rest in the protected place of nourishment. Only from this place can you nourish others with your time, love and attention.

What does Maya Vida mean?

Maya-Vida is a blending of cultures, ideas and methods of approaching life. Maya means illusion in Sanskrit, reminding us that we are here to be delivered from the unreal to the real; to connect, not separate and Vida is life in Spanish.

Ayurveda Wellness Coaching

Ayur (life) veda (science) translates to the science of life where the goal in the system is to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit using diet, herbal medicines and treatments, movement, meditation, yogic breathing, and alignment with nature. With support, you will learn how to optimize your lifestyle, find ease, natural flow and regenerate your life-force energy–Living the life you were meant to.

Craniosacral Therapy

The membranes surrounding your nervous system make physical micro-movements that are like a breathing rhythm, similar to your breath, as cerebrospinal fluid is circulated. This is called “CranioSacral Rhythm”, and it plays a large role in how you feel, and how you heal. Essentially it’s how your nervous system “breathes”. Using mostly light touch techniques to feel this rhythm and where these membranes are challenged can bring a sense of ease & calmness, a reduction in pain, and optimize the functioning of your other body systems as well.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Rei (Spiritual Wisdom) Ki (Life Force), also known as, the universal life energy that is non-physical and animates all living things. When life energy is high and flowing freely we feel great and when it’s not we get sick. Reiki is a special kind of Ki, guided by consciousness and defined as spiritually guided life energy. With affunement to channel your aura and chakras, the goal of Reiki is to move negative psychic energy out of the body while removing blocks so that the chakras can work in alignment and ease, thus supporting your vital life force.

Holistic Massage Therapy

By combining various techniques such as, trigger point, lymphatic, myofascial release, and deep tissue with other modalities like, Craniosacral, Reiki, and Ayurveda, you will have holistic healing experience. A background in trauma therapy, somatic healing, meditation and yoga, provides a unique perspective to deliver a therapeutic, intuitive massage that leaves clients feeling nurtured, refreshed and renewed. With a focus on regenerating healthy connective tissue and rebalancing your energy, you will live your best life.

Abhyanga- preparation for Panchakarma

Plant Medicine Prep & Integration

Plant Medicines, also called Entheogens, help us clear the physical, mental, and emotional bodies from energetic blockages at the deepest level. Over time these blockages can manifest anxiety, depression, trauma, physical ailments, and diseases that keep us disconnected from our authentic selves. These medicines can help you to gain a fuller understanding of who you are and what you are capable of. In combination with Ayurveda (for diet and lifestyle), bodywork, and connection to the proper resources will help you prepare for your journey. Following ceremony, you will have guidance to process your insights and continue to work with your diet and lifestyle. Integration is the most integral part of the work to maintain your learnings and most importantly help you remember who you are without the programming and layers that society projects on us.


Adrianne’s unique approach of incorporating ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda and plant medicines provided a lasting breakthrough in my personal wellness journey. To begin, I experienced a thorough diagnostic interview and in exchange I received an individual treatment path to wellness of being. During my treatments, Adrianne was attentive, prepared, and intuitive in her process. She provided vital information and introduced behavioral changes in a gentle, well paced approach. As an example, I felt that the transitions to my self-care routine were rewarding to my nervous system. The life changes I made in a short amount of time were self-paced and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. My mind, body, and soul thank Adrianne for the Great Help. I appreciated the in-between session follow ups, which were always timely and impactful. I’m grateful for the seeds she planted for long-term wellness and vitality. I highly recommend choosing Maya Vida and Adrianne’s collective of wellness knowledge and resources to heal and grow.
Clarissa Martinez
Since l've met Adrianne, I've been impressed by the person she is: working with Ayurveda, healing people with food and other supporting modalities like massage. Adrianne truly is a healer. I've been blessed by the intentional Ayurvedic dishes that she has prepared for me as well as her healing massages. I usually don't like sitting for massages unless they are intentional and healing, with Adrianne its more than a massage, it's a healing experience. She connects with the body and knows exactly where the stagnant energy lies, and releases the pain associated with it. The world needs more massage therapists like her.
Jennifer Abbott
My name is Veronica I’m 61 this is the first time I have a Reike healing massage. I have a lot of my pains gone specially one in the right side of my neck that was stiff for months until Adrianne worked on . She knows my exact trigger points that have been giving me being trouble for years. Great energy and total relaxation comes with her treatment. I’m so lucky to have meet her.
Veronica DeBurro
Just when I needed it the very most! Not only was Adrianne’s massage exactly what my body needed, but her holistic approach to body work left my mind, body, and spirit feeling harmonious and free. Truly a gift to yourself.
Alexis Gulliver
Adrianne is an incredibly special person and deeply gifted body work specialist. Her massage technique is as powerful and transformative as her conversation is. I am so thrilled to have met her and have her helping to alleviate my aches and pains.
Paula Resnick
Adrianne is a skilled massage therapist that combines her knowledge of yoga practice, meditation and Ayurveda to create a multi dimensional approach to healing. She knows how to settle stress and tightness and can also strategize an approach to make life more manageable on Botha physical and emotional level. I prefer intuits when I choose who massages me and Adrianne is the one.
Dr. Heidi Foster
I have received a plethora of modalities from different massage therapists and variations thereof, however, Adrianne’s modality is unforgettable. She has the precise blend of science-based knowledge and intuition to know exactly where and how to work on the body. I walked in with no expectations and left floating on cloud nine with additional body-awareness to boot. Adrianne kindly followed up by recommending additional products and continued treatment that I could practice on my own to support the work done during my session- magnificent!
Emilia Garth
My massages with Adrianne have been excellent. She is an experienced professional and incredibly gifted. With her knowledge and intuition, she has an intuitive understanding of what type of work is needed. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter with a release of built up stress and tension. I appreciate all of the energy and passion she puts into her work.
Erin Barry